Village Acupuncture & Herbal Medicine


"Kassie's treatments made the most difference out of the four professionals I was seeing in Sedona."

- S.A. Sedona, AZ

"After a year of trying to recover from near death and hospitalization for double pneumonia, I came to Village Acupuncture with the hope of being able to breath properly again and recover my lost energy. The doctors had told me my lungs were scarred and I could expect asthma-like symptoms, as well as susceptibility to lung infections for the rest of my life. Kayo Malik and acupuncture saved my life! Within a very short time I was relieved of the constant wheezing, coughing and heaviness in my chest. My breathing quickly returned to almost normal and has continued to improve with my regular visits. My energy slowly improved along with my sensitivity to heat and multiple other small complaints. With time, my resistance to illness and allergies have improved so much that I rarely experience either and when I do, they are mild. I have been going to Kayo for over 7 years now to maintain the balance and good health that she has restored to me. She is an exceptional acupuncturist and a gentle soul who truly listens and cares about her clients. Kayo has become a trusted partner in my efforts to maintain a healthy, vital life."

- Shari Scott, Sedona, AZ

"Thank you for ALL you do!  I am so very grateful for the amazing quality of care and ongoing support  (and joy, and love, and beauty, and..... :-) ) that comes from your clinic, from everyone. You are all treasures to our community....and especially to me."  

-L.G., Rimrock, AZ